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Blockchain development services enhance the capabilities of business applications with a variety of tools and technologies for developing secured solutions.

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Blockchain Development Services

Open Chain

It is an open-source ledger technology (Blockchain-based) that offers unified APIs for the development to build smart contracts. Open chain is best for generating and supplying personal digital assets in a safe and decentralized way.

Smart Contract

A self-enforcing agreement that is inserted in the computer code and managed by blockchain. This technique is meant for the simple agreements between two parties. Matellio generates a self-executing and reliable smart contract for securing your transactions and providing an insightful audit of the present contracts.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

It is an application that permits users to store and fetch their digital assets for making transactions. A cryptocurrency wallet is utilized for controlling the way users send and recieve the payments without relying on third-party applications.

Ethereum Apps

Availing Ethereum apps, Matellio delivers highly secured and distributed architectured applications, as per the business requirements. Ethereum, based on blockchain technology, is an open-source platform that uses Solidity (programing language) for writing smart contracts.

Hyperledger Development

Matellio avails Hyperledger development services for building highly secured and private Blockchain projects. It provides the stakeholders, protection of critical data and digital keys. Hyperledger offers a new generation of transactional solutions that establishes transparency and accountability.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency projects deal with the cryptocurrency exchanged with other currencies using the blockchain technology. The platform is utilized for the privacy and security of data blocks transacted in some milliseconds.

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